Tutorial Materials

AnneX is developing a number of tutorials on Ableton Live, Push 2, hardcore / frenchcore music production, and the theory behind all of this. These are available for free on YouTube, and the materials for these are available for download here.

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Quick Reference Guides


Plugins Etc.


Samples Etc.

  • General Guyble– super high-quality sample packs (hardcore, frenchcore, and rawstyle) and supporting tutorials
  • Fragment Audio – free (and paid) sample packs for hardcore, frenchcore, rawstyle, hardstyle, industrial
  • Cymatics – sample packs for tons of genres, free and paid
    • Template  for Ableton Hardcore Kick (I haven’t tried this one yet)
  • Citizen DJ Labs – free-to-use audio and video collections from the US Library of Congress
  • Musical Key Characteristics from Christian Schubart’s Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst (1806)


Applied Music Theory


Ableton Live & Push 2 Series


Kick Series


Waveform Series


Effects Series


Hardware & Setup Series

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