Dr. Anne Rainville, as AnneX, is a female Canadian record producress and DJ living in The Netherlands. In 2017 she heard hardcore and frenchcore music for the first time and fell in love. Since then, she makes hardcore frenchcore tracks and performs them live, for audiences at parties and festivals in the Netherlands, and via livestreaming.

In 2020, she founded the firm and record label AnneX Productions for production of electronic music as well as live stage performance. Since 2021 she is a resident DJ with Toxic Sickness Radio.

In addition to her production, she’s DJ’d both frenchcore and techno for international audiences at events across the Netherlands. Her livestreams and tutorials can be found on YouTube and Twitch.

Using Ableton Live, AnneX develops and performs unique frenchcore livesets. Her production and live performances use Ableton Max for Live 10 with the Ableton Push 2, Novation Bass Station II, and Novation LaunchController XL. She posts free tutorials on this on YouTube

She holds a PhD in Economics from Technical University Berlin, on standards and innovation. 

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Hardcore Frenchcore Music Production

By combining delicate melodies with heavy kicks, AnneX wants to create emotional contrasts that make listeners of her music feel more alive by experiencing it. In her hardcore frenchcore music production, she uses layers of often unconventional sounds to build rich harmonies, where frenchcore is the perfect genre to experiment. 

Her melodic tracks includes intricate melodies with traditional instruments. She often combines these lines with synthetic moving pads and choral layers, creating rich orchestral harmonies applied to contemporary electronic music at tempos above 200 beats per minute.

In hardcore frenchcore music production, these layers are contrasted with the heavy kicks that are a hallmark of the frenchcore genre; frenchcore kicks combine the kickdrums typical of electronic music together with the bass, which allows for fine tuning of the kicks’ higher frequencies and ultimately greater harmonic cohesion when paired with instrumental layers.  

Her broad musical influences include the syncopation and bass from hip hop, the power and time signatures from metal, the transient pads from trance, and the catchy hooks from pop music. Dark techno is also close to her heart, for its mood and heavy influence on the emotional state of its listener. 

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